The new HD camera head

Switch to the new camera head and profit from state-of-the-art camera technology

The new HD camera head connects your endoscope and fiberscope to modern camera technology. Simply attach your endoscope to the FlexiVision 100 by means of the HD camera head. This combination delivers exceptionally clear inspection images to your monitor. Thus the smallest deviations inside the test objects can be recognized better.

flexivision full hd cmos camera head

The new HD camera head –  for new image quality in connection with your endoscopes



Attach any endoscope with standard DIN ocular and make use of modern camera technology



Direct visual inspection – the smallest defects can easily be overlooked


During direct visual inspections with an endoscope, the smallest cracks or defects in components are not always apparent. In combination with the HD camera head and the FlexiVision 100, you see the inspection results on a monitor and get detailed inspection images. Moreover you have the possibility of recording the inspection images. Your endoscope only requires a conventional DIN ocular to connect it to the system.

In addition to using your endoscope, you can obtain HD optics from us which give you full HD image quality (1920 x 1080 pixels) when attached to the inspection system.

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