FlexiVision® 100 - Discover the Unseen

Endoscopic inspection reaches a new level

Since the start of series production of the FlexiVision 100 inspection system in April, SCHÖLLY has been receiving positive feedback about the product. At the “Control” quality trade fair in May in Stuttgart, SCHÖLLY got many orders from new customers. But even many users of the current FlexiScope 2 system have also moved to its follower system, because with the FlexiVision 100, endoscopic inspection achieves a new quality level with the modern camera technology. The FlexiVision 100 delivers details from the inside of components that the user has never seen before. 

Image quality in full HD assures that the smallest defects can be identified


With full HD resolution of the new camera system, images reach a high level of detail. Even those easy-to-miss defects inside components can be discovered with the FlexiVision 100. In the production it assures a quick and reliable inspection procedure. And due to the high image quality, inspections over a longer time period are less strenuous for the user compared to inspections with low resolution images.

See more than with the eyes – by using video algorithms

In addition to high resolution, the FlexiVision 100 is equipped with video algorithms. These are software functions that can optimize the image according to need – they enhance for example specific deviations.

FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece – a flexible connecting device

The FlexiVision 100 has been available with the FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece since April. In this combination, the user has a very flexible inspection system: probes can be selected from a wide range of diameters from 0.7 mm to 4 mm and can simply be attached to the camera handpiece.

High degree of compatibility with conventional inspection equipment

At the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2017, the HD camera head, a further connecting device, will be introduced onto the market. All endoscopes and fiberscopes with DIN ocular can then be used with the FlexiVision 100. Inspections that had previously been carried out directly with an endoscope can be connected to the FlexiVision 100 by using the HD camera head. In addition to increased image quality, the user can profit from further functions of the FlexiVision 100.

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